White Negroni
White Negroni

The white Negroni is a warm-weather riff on the classic cocktail. Made with Gin, Suze, and Lillet Blanc (or similar liqueurs), this recipe is a little bit bitter, a little bit sweet, and full of sophistication.

A modern take on the Negroni cocktail, the white Negroni is my favorite drink during the warmer months. It’s like changing your winter coat in spring. Gin is a year-round liqueur, and swapping out the other ingredients lightens the classic drink, making it a bright alternative in the warmer months.

The basic flavor components are the same as a Negroni and the gin remains, but the ruby ​​red Campari is swapped out for a lighter bitters and the rich sweet vermouth is swapped out for white vermouth.

History of the White Negroni

While classic drink substitutions have been around as long as the classics themselves, the white Negroni is a modern twist, created in the early 21st century by Plymouth gin rep Nick Blacknell and British bartender Wayne Collins. Having created this on a trip, the French ingredients proved difficult to come by outside of France.

The drink took about a decade to gain popularity and helped make the ingredients available in other countries. A combination of a renewed interest in classic drinks and its appearance on more cocktail menus made the white Negroni a hit. It’s certainly one of my favorite cocktail variations.

How to Make a White Negroni

Contrary to the name, white Negroni is not actually white, but ranges from a pale yellow to a more vibrant yellow in color depending on the spirit you use.

For the bitter component of the drink (which takes on the role of Campari in the classic recipe), I prefer Suze, the bittersweet yellowish liqueur that adds a pinch of sun to the cocktail. The vibrant yellow-orange color comes from the gentian root, which also gives the bitter taste.

Both ingredients may or may not be stocked at your local liquor store, so I’ve included alternatives below if you’re having trouble getting hold of these bottles.

Simple ingredient swap

If you’re having trouble sourcing Suze and Lillet Blanc from your local store, try these other bottles instead. Remember that you can always contact your local store and inquire if they can order a bottle for you.

Suze alternatives:

  • Luxardo Bitter Bianco
  • Cocchi Americano
  • dealer
  • gentian liqueurs

Alternatives to Lillet Blanc:

  • Cocchi Americano (can also be used here!)
  • Dolin Blanc vermouth
  • Cinzano Bianco vermouth
  • Kina L’Aero d’Or
  • fortified wines

More classic gin cocktails

  • hand drill
  • French 75
  • Gin fizz
  • Tom Collins
  • greyhound

White Negroni

preparation time
3 minutes

total time
3 minutes

1 serving

1 cocktail


  • 1 ounce gin

  • 3/4 ounce suze

  • 3/4 ounce Lillet Blanc

  • Lemon peel, for garnish


  1. Combine the ingredients:

    In a mixing glass 2/3 filled with ice, combine gin, Suze and Lillet Blanc. Stir until cold, about 20 seconds.

  2. Strain and garnish:

    Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with the lemon zest.

    Love the recipe? Let’s star down!

nutritional information (per serving)
161 calories
0g Fat
6g carbohydrates
0g protein
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