Rum Old Fashioned
Rum Old Fashioned

A simple take on the classic cocktail, Rum Old Fashioned celebrates the flavors of aged rum. A dash of bitters, a little simple syrup and orange zest complete the mix.

Many cocktails based on rum relegate it to the background and mix it with many other ingredients until the rum’s flavors are muted. But I like to taste my rum spicy, fruity, nutty, floral, caramel… well, one could go on with the many descriptions for rum.

Rum is diverse and I like drinks that highlight the unique aspects of a particular bottle. A classic daiquiri does, and so does the rum Old Fashioned.

The best rum for this cocktail

Since all rums have their own unique flavor profiles, keep in mind that not all are well-suited to this particular presentation. I like to use an aged rum to mimic the original whiskey while preserving what makes an old-fashioned whiskey special. Here are a few of my favorite bottles, but feel free to use your favorite aged rum.

  • The Real McCoy 5 years Aged Rum is my go-to for a lighter rum that’s flavorful but easy to drink.
  • Appleton Estate Rare 12 years is another popular but more expensive bottle with a smoky, spicy flavor profile.
  • Rum Barbancourt 8 years is an “Agricole” style rum (meaning it is distilled from sugar cane juice, unlike most rums which are typically distilled from fermented by-products such as molasses). I take this rum when I want something rich and really funky.

Rums vary in distillation and aging methods, and depending on where the cane is grown, the flavors can be radically different. I always advise people to be aware of where the rums are made and try lots of bottles to find what suits your tastes.

Lump Sugar Vs. Simple Syrup

The classic old-fashioned cocktail recipe often calls for a sugar cube to be mixed into the drink. I shy away from confusing in order to keep things simple, which can lead to a polarizing debate among old-fashioned drinkers.

Since not everyone has sugar cubes in the pantry, simple syrup is recommended here. For a richer mouthfeel, try making a rich simple syrup. Heat 2 cups sugar and 1 cup water in a small saucepan and stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 months.

Slight variations

  • Make it spicy: Swap the aged rum for a spiced rum and the flavorful bitters for orange bitters
  • make it cute: Swap the plain syrup for maple syrup for a rich and woody twist
  • Make it tropical: Swap the aged rum for coconut rum and the orange zest for lime

More classic cocktail variations

  • Strawberry Mojito
  • Classic vodka martini
  • Boulevardier cocktail
  • Autumn flavored Old Fashioned Cocktail
  • Chocolate sidecar

Rum old fashioned

preparation time
3 minutes

total time
3 minutes

1 serving

1 cocktail


  • 2 ounces old rum

  • 1/2 ounce simple syrup

  • 2 to 3 dashes aromatic Bitter

  • 12 inches) Orange peelfor garnish


  1. Combine the ingredients:

    Pour the aged rum, simple syrup and bitters into a Double Rocks glass. Add 1 large ice cube (or 2 to 3 smaller cubes) and stir gently for about 20 seconds to cool the drink and dilute some of the water.

  2. Garnish and serve:

    Swirl the orange zest over the drink to release some of the orange oil into the drink and garnish the glass with the zest. Surcharge.

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nutritional information (per serving)
164 calories
0g Fat
8g carbohydrates
0g protein
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