Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade

This pretty pink lemonade uses whole lemon and strawberries to create this sweet, tart drink. It tastes great on its own or as a mixer for your favorite summer cocktails.

Think of this drink as the Elle Woods of sodas: it’s pretty in pink, but there’s a lot going on underneath.

That’s because the recipe calls for the whole lemon! It’s a balanced drink because the sweetness of the fresh strawberries and the acidity of the lemon juice are balanced by the bitterness of the lemon pulp.

All you have to do is peel the berries and cut the lemons in half to deseed and cut into large chunks. Your blender will do the rest, so you can enjoy a summer’s day in style.

Search for the best fruit

This recipe is all about the fruit, so making the best choices will give you the best results. Below are some tips for picking lemons and strawberries so your strawberry lemonade is bursting with summer in every sip.

For the lemons:

  • Choose thin-skinned lemons. Lemon pulp is bitter, so you want lemons that provide less of it.
  • Thin-skinned lemons are generally smooth and easy to squeeze.
  • Look for nicely rounded lemons. The knobbly, pointed ends of lemons are solid pith, but if that’s all you can find, don’t sweat it. Trim the pips to reduce bitterness.
  • Lemons that are hard to the touch usually have more pulp, making your soda more bitter.
  • Wash thoroughly under warm water to remove wax or dirt.

For the strawberries:

  • Look for strawberries that are red through and through. They will be the sweetest and juiciest, making your strawberry lemonade taste like strawberries.
  • If you end up with berries that are white in the center, just give the lemonade a taste before straining.
  • If your berries aren’t sweet, add an additional tablespoon of sugar.

Puree and strain the lemonade

Any blender will work for this drink, simply whisk until the fruit is evenly pureed.

You’ll end up with a mushy mixture, so be sure to strain the lemonade into your pitcher before drinking. If you’re looking for a new blender, we’ve got you covered with this guide to the best blenders.

You can toss the pulp however you like, but you can also freeze it in an ice cube tray and add it later to smoothies or frozen cocktails (like piƱa coladas).

Mix it up

This lemonade is a great mixer. for mixed, non alcoholic Fun:

  • Make it bubbly with some sparkling water or lemon-lime soda.
  • Blend it (again!) with frozen berries for a refreshing smoothie.
  • Muddle some basil or fresh ginger and add it to the lemonade.

If you want add alcohol:

  • Pour into a flute and top up with champagne.
  • Mix in tequila and triple sec for a riff on a strawberry margarita.
  • Just add vodka or gin. That’s the whole recipe.

How to save

Store leftover soda pop in a pitcher or sealed container in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days. When the strained lemonade sits, it will separate. Before serving, shake or stir to recombine.

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strawberry lemonade

preparation time
5 minutes

total time
5 minutes

4 servings

5 cups


  • 2 thin-skinned Lemons (3 to 3 1/2 ounces each)

  • 10 ounces strawberriespeeled (about 2 cups peeled)

  • 1/2 Cup sugar

  • 4 cups cold waterdivided

  • Ice, To serve


  1. Wash, trim and deseed lemons:

    Wash the lemons with warm water to remove any dirt or wax. Cut off the tough stem end, quarter the lemons and remove the pits. Cut lemon quarters into pieces.

    If you have thick-skinned lemons or if the flower ends are knobbly, trim them to reduce bitterness.

  2. Place ingredients in blender:

    Combine the prepared lemons, strawberries, sugar and 2 cups water in the jug of a blender.

  3. Mix lemonade:

    Blend on high for about 30 seconds until smooth.

  4. Strain lemonade:

    Strain the lemonade through a fine sieve over a pitcher. Using a silicone spatula, press the pulp against the strainer and wring out the remaining juice. You can discard the pulp if you wish.

  5. Add water and serve.

    Add the remaining 2 cups of water to the lemonade. Stir to combine. Serve lemonade over ice.

nutritional information (per serving)
216 calories
1g Fat
58gr carbohydrates
3g protein
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