How to Freeze Leftover Whipped Cream
How to Freeze Leftover Whipped Cream

whipped cream left? Just freeze! This method is perfect for topping hot cocoa or adding extra flavor to a weeknight dessert.

I know, I know. Who on earth has a problem with leftover whipped cream?

But let’s imagine a hypothetical situation where you misjudged your guests’ enthusiasm for whipped cream cake after a big holiday dinner and are now left with quite a large crowd.

Let me offer a third option: freeze your leftover whipped cream for later.

Whipped cream freezes surprisingly well — and thaws. Simply place in heaps on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze overnight. The next day, peel off the frozen whipped cream clouds and place in a freezer bag or container for longer storage.

If a situation arises for a couple of spoons of whipped cream, just pull out what you need.

In my opinion, the very best use of these frozen cream puffs is to pour over a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. Not only do they slowly melt into the hot drink and provide a timed release of cream, but they also take the edge off a steaming hot cup (without cooling it down). to a lot of!).

You can also use the leftover whipped cream to garnish a slice of cake or other dessert – yes, this works! Place the frozen whipped cream on top of your dessert and allow to thaw at room temperature for about 15 minutes before serving.

As a dessert topping, the whipped cream holds its shape quite well without becoming grainy or separating, but it loses some of its cheer. The frozen edges also tend to crumble when you handle them.

This is perfectly acceptable for a casual weeknight family gathering, but less ideal for situations where looks are important, like a dinner party or special occasion. For these, I would recommend making a fresh batch of whipped cream.

How to freeze leftover whipped cream

Any whipped cream can be frozen—sweetened or unsweetened, plain or mixed with other ingredients. Whipping cream that’s been stabilized with a little cornstarch or cream cheese tends to hold its shape a little better when thawed.

Make sure to transfer the frozen whipped cream to a freezer container within a day or two; It can quickly start picking up off-flavors in the fresh air of the freezer.


  • Leftover whipped cream


  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment (or a silpat) and spoon the whipped cream onto it in small mounds:

    If you feel like it, you can use a piping bag to pipe the whipped cream in pretty loops. Aim for single-serving portions.

  2. Freeze overnight until whipped cream is frozen solid.
  3. Peel and reserve the whipped cream from the parchment:

    Transfer the frozen whipped cream mounds to a freezer bag or other freezer container. Don’t worry if the edges crumble a little when dealing with the hills; that is normal. The whipped cream is best used within a month, but will keep for up to three months. (You may find it picks up off flavors from the freezer over time.)

  4. How to use the whipped cream:

    The frozen whipped cream can be placed and served directly on hot cocoa or coffee. You can also put the mounds on a dessert: place it on top of the dessert and let it thaw at room temperature for about 15 minutes before serving.

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